Along with many Christian denominations, we baptize both infants and adults. Contact the church office for more information.


It was during the age-old celebration of Passover, on the eve of His death, that Jesus instituted a significant new fellowship meal that we still observe to this day. It is an integral part of Christian worship. Through Communion, we remember our Lord's death and resurrection and look for His glorious return.

Scripture teaches that, in a miraculous way, Christ gives us His true body and blood together with the bread and wine. The uncontainable presence, grace, love, forgiveness and mercy of Christ come to us in simple bread and wine and strengthens our faith.


Marriage is God starting a family. It has been established by God in His very creation of human beings (Gen. 2:18–25). God calls men and women into their marriages, and He works through them to bless each other. They become "one flesh." God is the one who joins them together, as Jesus Himself explains: "What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate" (Matt. 19:5–6).

St. Matthew Church is pleased to join couples in marriage and extends their support of marriage upon those who are members and non-members. Pastor meets with the couple to help prepare them for this serious commitment. Please contact the church for more information and to schedule an appointment.